Pisces Conservation: Publications by Pisces staff

A selection of books and articles by Pisces staff in the scientific and natural historical press.

Henderson, P.A. (1990) Freshwater ostracods. Synopsis of the British Fauna (New Series) No. 42. Universal Book Services, Oegstgeest, Netherlands. Now available from Pisces Conservation as an e-book.
Henderson, P. A. & Southwood, T. R. E. (2000) Ecological Methods. 3rd Edition Blackwell Scientific. 590 pp. A review of Ecological Methods is reproduced here.
Henderson, P.A. (2003) Practical Methods in Ecology. Blackwell Scientific.
Langford, T.E. (1983) Electricity Generation and the Ecology of Natural Waters. Liverpool University Press, Liverpool 342pp.
Langford, T.E. (1990) Ecological Effects of Thermal Discharges; Pollution Monitoring Series. Elsevier Applied Science 468pp.

Bamber, R.N. and Henderson, P.A., (1990). A new freshwater mysid from the Amazon, with a reassessment of Surinamysis Bowman (Crustacea: Mysidacea). Zool. J. Linn. Soc. (1990), 100: 393-401. Download report (1.7 MB).
Bamber, R.N. and Seaby, R.M.H., (2004). The effects of power station entrainment passage on three species of marine planktonic crustacean, Acartia tonsa (Copepoda), Crangon crangon (Decapoda) and Homarus gammarus (Decapoda). Marine Environmental Research 57 (2004) 281294. Download report (223 kb).
Henderson, P. A. & Seaby, R. M. H. (1994) On the factors influencing juvenile flat fish abundance in the lower Severn Estuary. Neth. J. Sea Res. 33; 321-330.
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Henderson, P. A. & Seaby, R. M. (2005). The role of climate in determining the temporal variation in abundance, recruitment and growth of sole Solea solea (L) in the Bristol Channel. J. Mar. Biol. Ass. UK. 85 197-204. Download paper
Henderson, P. A. (1999) O Ambiente Aquatico da reserva Mamiraua. In: Estategias para manejo de recursos pesqueiros em Mamiraua. Ed. H. Queiroz & W. Crampton, CNPq, Brazil. 1-9.
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Young J. O., Seaby R. M. H. & Martin A. J., (1995) Contrasting mortality in young fresh water leeches and triclads. Oecologia 101:317-323

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