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        Fish impingement monitoring, Grain, Kent      
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        Are coastal power stations affecting fish?      
        Prediction of Inshore Saline Communities by Expert System      
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        Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) feasibility studies      
        Road strengthening, Lundy island      
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        Salmon fisheries & loss of earnings      
        Power plant issues, USA      
        Piranha filming, Peruvian Amazon      
        Conservation & ecology, Peruvian Amazon      
        Water quality, Peruvian Amazon      
    Ecological modelling      
        Salmon migration & thermal plume effects      
        Prediction of Inshore Saline Communities by Expert System      
    Ports & dredging      
        Port development public inquiry, London Gateway      
        Piling & construction noise; rivers Tamar & Ouse      
        Dredging & biodiversity, Bristol Channel      
        Marine aggregate dredging      
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