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We are frequently asked if we are recruiting. Unfortunately, we are not seeking to take on more permanent staff at the moment.

However, we do occasionally work on short-term projects for which we need people with specific skills and experience. These skills tend to be expertise in particular surveying methods, or in groups of animals or plants that we do not have any direct experience of ourselves. For instance, we might be asked to carry out a survey, and find we need an expert on badgers, water voles or bats, or the identification of water-crowfoots. Therefore, we do find it useful to have a list of people with such skills.

If you have an interesting CV, then please post it, or better, send it by email:

PISCES Conservation Ltd
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Newlands Manor Farm, Everton
Hampshire, SO41 0BG
United Kingdom
Email: pisces@pisces-conservation.com
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