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Pisces Conservation provide expert advice on habitat and fisheries management, including:
  • Nature reserves and conservation
  • Habitat modification and mitigation for habitat loss
  • Improvement in biodiversity and habitat creation
  • Advice on ecological issues for large industrial projects
  • Protection of resident and migratory fish during construction works
  • Electric fishing for emergencies, such as low river flows or pollution incidents
  • Development of invertebrate, fish and plant communities
  • Assessment of fisheries stocks
  • Regeneration of disused and/or polluted industrial sites
  • Flooded and restored pits and quarries
  • Saline/brackish lagoonal habitats
  • Eel monitoring for compliance with the Eels (England and Wales) Regulations, 2009
We have recently contributed an assessment of local fishery resources and the likelihood of impingement and entrainment for a proposed large nuclear power plant in Abu Dhabi.
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