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Pisces Conservation have many years' experience of ecological issues relating to power generation throughout the UK, Europe and the USA including:
  • Entrainment and impingement, impacts on local fish / crustacean populations
  • Environmental impact assessment for proposed biomass-fuelled stations on brownfield sites
  • Phyto- and zoo-plankton monitoring and analysis
  • Advice on BTA for industry
  • Screening and protection of water intakes
  • Heated effluent impacts
  • Biofouling and biocide use
  • Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD)
  • Water use issues
  • Acid rain
  • Land take, habitat mitigation and restoration
  • Effects of underwater structures, dams & weirs, and small hydro-electric plants
  • Fly ash disposal
  • Biological issues relating to cooling towers
  • Eel monitoring for compliance with the Eels (England and Wales) Regulations, 2009
Further information on our power plant-related work is available on our Power Station Effects website.
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