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Prediction of impingement & entrainment at power station CW intakes
Any industry abstracting large quantities of water can cause problems of impingement and entrainment of adult and juvenile fish, larvae, eggs, and other aquatic organisms, particularly if the intake velocity is high, and the intake is situated in an area used for spawning, feeding, or by juvenile fish.
In support of a proposed CCGT power station on Southampton Water, Pisces Conservation ran computer simulations to predict numbers of fish impinged by the proposed plant's CW intake. Our own simulation software was used to provide this prediction. Estimates were also provided of numbers of eggs and larvae of various fish species entrained.
Pisces staff have long experience of impingement / entrainment issues. Our expert system software for predicting impingement numbers is based on CW intake catches at a wide range of power plants around the UK coast, and can be fine-tuned to provide estimates for almost any size and situation of intake.

In 2009/10 Pisces worked with Cefas to update and improve our Prediction of Inshore Saline Communities by Expert System software, both tailor-made for Cefas's own use, and as a stand-alone commercial application.

Further information on our power plant-related work is available on our Power Station Effects website.

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