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Piling, construction noise and other effects
Noise and vibration from piling and other construction activities can have a major environmental impact during the construction phase. Industrial projects also continue to have potential impacts through their operational and decommissioning phases, which all must be considered. Projects we have contributed to include:
Ernesettle Jetty, River Tamar: A literature review of the effects of piling on migratory fish and potential effects of the proposal;
Newhaven ERF: A review of the construction of the Energy Recovery Facility and fishery issues in the Ouse;
Cliffe Fort Jetty: An assessment of the extension of an aggregate wharf and jetty on the southern bank of the Thames.
Potential effects range from fish and marine mammal mortality, deterrence from territories or migratory pathways, to smothering of fish, invertebrates and plant life through increased suspended solids or changes in sediment deposition. A typical assessment must cover piling and dredging noise & vibration, suspended solids, floodlighting, groundwater, contamination and on-site water use, sensitive receptor habitats and species, potential mitigations such as seasonal windows in piling activities, and the benefits of different piling or dredging techniques.

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