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Aquatic sampling
Pisces Conservation has undertaken a wide range of projects sampling in brackish lagoons, freshwater lakes and rivers, primarily concentrating on aquatic invertebrates, but also covering newts and aquatic plant species. Sites include:
Cliffe Pools and Cliffe Fort lagoon: A series of saline and brackish lagoons on the south bank of the Thames;
Buckland Lake: A disused chalk quarry in the same area;
Radley Lakes: Restored gravel pits in Oxfordshire;
Northfleet Lagoon: Disused industrial lagoon, Kent;
Jubilee Lake: Man-made lake near Bletchley, Buckinghamshire;
Hoe Stream: A small stream in the centre of Woking;
Cockle Pond: Man-made saline lagoon in Gosport, Hants, containing several scheduled invertebrate species;
North Solent Marshes: A large area of saltmarshes in southern Hampshire, containing a wide range of brackish and saline lagoon habitats;
Ham Farm Lake: A recently-colonised gravel pit near Faversham in Kent.


Pisces Conservation has the full range of surveying skills for every site. We will use dredge, core and hand-net sampling, kick sampling, hand picking, trapping and water quality analysis, to survey for fish, invertebrates, aquatic, emergent and terrestrial macrophytes, newts, and crayfish; our reporting combines in-house ID, data analysis, literature searches and consultation with local experts and statutory bodies.

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