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Dredging and biodiversity issues, Bristol Channel
As part of an investigation into the ecology of the subtidal region of the Severn Estuary between King Road and the Island of Flatholm, the Bristol Port Company commissioned a grab survey in 2001. The primary objective of this survey was to quantify the species richness and abundance of the benthic community within the deep water channel and the adjacent habitat. A particular aim of the study was to acquire further knowledge on the abundance and distribution of Sabellaria reef and its associated biota.
Pisces Conservation carried out a detailed grab survey, taking samples from 30 sites, and analysing the benthic fauna to determine its abundance and richness. Results confirmed previous surveys suggesting an extremely impoverished fauna, with greatly reduced scientific and conservation interest.
Pisces staff have long experience of intertidal and sub-tidal benthic sampling, and working with local skippers and crew to maximise the results of a successful sampling trip. Sampling equipment and expertise is either provided in-house, or hired in at competitive rates. Staff used Pisces' own software to analyse the data obtained.

A copy of the full report, The impoverished fauna of the deep water channel and marginal areas between Flatholm Island and King Road, Severn Estuary, is available for download.

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