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Bespoke software solutions

Prediction of Inshore Saline Communities by Expert System (PISCES)
In 2009/10 we worked with Cefas to update and improve our Prediction of Inshore Saline Communities by Expert System software, both tailor-made for Cefas's own use, and as a stand-alone commercial application. More details.

Habitat Matching, JNCC
Pisces Conservation developed Habitat Matching software with the JNCC to identify habitats to biotope level from sample data. In order to do this, we had first had to develop the complex analytical and classification techniques required. This enabled a major advance in habitat classification.

Transect Walker
Pisces worked with Butterfly Conservation to develop a suite of programs to collate and analyse butterfly monitoring data on a national level.

Community Sequence Analysis
Developed in collaboration with top European genetics laboratories under the auspices of the European Union 5th Framework, Community Sequence Analysis takes biodiversity analysis into a new dimension. Suitable for researchers in biodiversity and DNA sequence analysis, it calculates diversity and distance measures from genetic sequences and groups clones together according to their similarity. More details.

Developed for teaching Masters students in nuclear engineering, R-Web simulates and studies the complex movement of radionuclide releases, and allows the student to develop an understanding of the interaction of radionuclides with the environment, and how complex food chains in the natural environment work.

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