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Brighton Marina, Sussex
Prior to the construction of a new walkway along the Marina wall, Pisces Conservation were asked to survey the affected area to assess the invertebrate community, and identify any species of concern. In addition, sediment size analysis and chemical analysis for major metals and total petroleum hydrocarbons were required.
A local boat and crew were hired for the sampling effort; samples were taken from sites across the sample area. Sorting and analysis of invertebrate samples, and particle size analysis were carried out in-house, with chemical analysis performed by a contractor.
Pisces staff have long experience of intertidal and sub-tidal benthic sampling, and working with locally-hired skippers to maximise the results of a successful sampling trip. Sampling equipment and expertise (such as chemical analysis) is either provided in-house, or hired in at competitive rates. Staff used Pisces' own software to analyse the data obtained.

Northney Marina, Hayling Island
In support of a proposed extension to Northney Marina, in Chichester Harbour, Pisces Conservation were asked to assess potential impacts of the project on migratory fish, such as shad and lamprey, and resident species, particularly those using the area as nursery or spawning areas.
A site visit to assess availability of fish nursery habitat in the area was undertaken, along with extensive literature search on resident and migratory fish species, and consultation with regulatory bodies such as the Environment Agency.
Pisces Conservation's library of reports, surveys and grey literature is invaluable for assessing fisheries resources around Britain's coasts, estuaries and rivers. In addition, we regularly work with statutory bodies such as Natural England and the Environment Agency, to assure full compliance with UK and EU legislation to protect habitats and species.

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