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Since 2000, Pisces Conservation have worked closely with Riverkeeper providing environmental expertise on a very wide range of power plant issues throughout the USA, including the redrafting of the Section 316(b) regulations of the USA's Clean Water Act. Focussed on the Hudson River, New York state, we have covered discharge and abstraction consents, fish screening and power plant cooling technologies, habitat replacement and mitigation, historical development and alteration of the Hudson's ecology, fisheries, and entrainment / impingement.
One major project has been the evaluation of the Gunderboom Marine Life Exclusion System (MLES), intended to exclude juvenile and larval fish and eggs from entrainment in power plant CW intakes. Pisces have worked with Riverkeeper, power companies and Gunderboom Inc. to report on the evaluation of the MLES.
Pisces' work with Riverkeeper has provided the opportunity to expand greatly our core expertise, and contribute directly to current environmental legislation and practice in the USA. This gives us a unique insight into environmental issues in the US. Several of our reports are available for download.

In April 2010, due in part to Riverkeeper's intervention, New York State's Department of Environmental Conservation ruled that the cooling system at the Indian Point nuclear power plant violates the federal Clean Water Act by polluting the river with heated water and killing large numbers of fish.

Other US projects
Besides working with Riverkeeper on and around the Hudson, we have provided expert advice on thermal pollution limits for the Des Plaines river, Wisconsis/Illinois, and on the Environmental Impact Statement for the Darlington 'B' nuclear plant on Lake Ontario. Pisces have also provided expertise to power plant- and water abstraction-related cases in:
  • Morro Bay, California
  • Lake Michigan
  • East River, NY
  • Mattaponi River, Chesapeake Bay.
Pisces Conservation's wide range of work in the USA, our experience of contributing to court hearings and other legal processes, our independent status, and our extensive library of scientific reports and grey literature give us an outstanding advantage in tackling crucial environmental issues in the US.

Further information on our power plant-related work is available on our Power Station Effects website.

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