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Salmon fisheries & loss of earnings, River Severn
In 2003, Pisces Conservation were asked to provide advice and expertise for a court case claiming loss of earnings from a salmon fishery on the River Severn, due to alleged pollution from a paper mill. Expert advice on fisheries and statistical issues was given at a number of court hearings, and detailed tracking of river flows was carried out, to dispute the alleged effect of pollutants.
As well as detailed evidence on salmon behaviour given in court, dye tracing experiments were performed at the site, to determine river flow patterns at certain tidal states, which were believed to cause the problems. Pisces staff worked, with another consultant providing boats and tracking equipment, to analyse river flows and dispute the claimant's argument.
Pisces have worked on fisheries issues in the River Severn and Bristol Channel for many years, and have amassed considerable expertise and knowledge, enabling us to put forward extremely convincing and precisely-targeted submissions in legal and planning cases. Other areas of expertise include fisheries issues throughout British waters, the ecology of power generation, and the effects of construction noise and thermal pollution on migratory and resident fish populations.

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