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Belvedere, Thames Estuary
Pisces Conservation were contracted to provide an intertidal invertebrate survey of the tidal Thames adjacent to the proposed Resource Recovery Plant at Belvedere, Kent, to assess its potential impact. The littoral habitat here is heavily modified by Man, which tends to favour the development of a highly-specialised and low-diversity fauna.
Sampling was carried out on the intertidal zone, to establish the general habitat quality and estimates of invertebrate (primarily oligochaete) fauna. These data were further analysed to assess the value of the habitat as a food source for birds and demersal fish.
Pisces staff have particular expertise in the biology of habitats which are altered by Man, and the often highly-specialised fauna they develop. Staff used Pisces' own software to analyse the data obtained.

Portsgate, Portsmouth Harbour
Pisces Conservation were requested to assess the potential impact of a development upon resident and migratory fish in a shallow lagoon in Langstone Harbour. The site, for many years a ship breakers' yard, was highly modified, polluted, and ecologically poor.
A site visit was carried out to survey the site and assess its value as habitat for migratory and resident fish, and extensive literature reviews were done to research the native fish fauna of Langstone harbour. It was concluded that in the long term the habitat would improve as a resource for fish, and no threat would be posed to migratory species.
Pisces Conservation's library of reports, surveys and grey literature is invaluable for assessing fisheries resources around Britain's coasts, estuaries and rivers. In addition, we regularly work with statutory bodies such as English Nature and the Environment Agency, to assure full compliance with UK and EU legislation to protect habitats and species.

Grosvenor Dock, Chelsea
To support a development at Grosvenor Dock, on the tidal Thames, Pisces Conservation were asked to report on impacts of the development on fish and invertebrates, and survey plant species in the area. The site, an old dock and canal, was heavily altered, polluted, and of low ecological value.
A site visit took place to survey the invertebrate fauna and plant life, and to assess the site's value as a resource for breeding and juvenile fish. It was concluded that, in cleaning up a highly-degraded ecosystem, the development would be beneficial in ecological terms.
Visit the Grosvenor Waterside website.
Pisces Conservation staff are experienced in a wide range of disciplines, from botany to marine and freshwater invertebrates, and fisheries issues, enabling us to offer the client a coordinated approach to the whole scope of surveying and assessment.

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